P a r a l l e l M o m e n t

This is a global collaborative project that has brought together 23 international artists to simultaneously capture a shared moment that cuts across different time zones in different localities. In this instantaneous moment, the conceptual boundary between “local” and “global” dissolved.

The Moment took place within one minute at specific times on August 31, 2013 when the artists individually captured their own unique experience, perceptions, and interpretations of time, place, and the world.

Diversity and multiplicity are what this exhibition embraces, given the present world conditions where globalization is not just a buzzword but a phenomenon that has intensified exchanges and encounters between different cultures, religions, and languages, as well as between different ethnic and national identities. In the midst of all, Parallel Moment has provided a framework, a moment for artists to meditate upon their existence in connection with other people, their immediate surroundings, as well as their
social, cultural, and political environment.


P a r t i c i p a t i n g   A r t i s t s

Peter Barnard   *  Duane Bahia Benatti   *   (c) merry   *   Chen Yizhong   *   Nancy D Cole      Gary Duehr   *   Tom Hackett   *   Liz Helman   *   Keith Hughes   *   Şirin Koçak               Ana Mejia   *   Muriel Montini   *   Tesa Morin   *   Juan Alberto Negroni   *   Ellen Nunes      Evrim Özeskici   *   Juan Diego Perez la Cruz   *   Renée Jeanette Renard   *   Anindya Roy      Sausan Saulet   *   Maria K Steinsson   *   Araya Vivorakij   *   Chris Wright