Edible Matters
Food, Culture, & Social Process

tAd is pleased to present Edible Matters, a 4-course exhibition which runs from April to July, 2014. This series of exhibitions is a concerted undertaking of 23 local, national, and international artists, who join together to exchange ideas and perspectives on various matters and issues that concern food.

The first show, The Seeds of Interconnectivity opens on April 11, 2014, featuring the works of three artists. Saprina Cheuk is an artist who currently lives and works in San Bernardino, California. Her lucious dessert-like sculptures are whipped, mixed, melted, and coated together to form a narrative on bodily desire, pleasure, and gluttony. Akin to a satire, the works wittingly reflect on the contemporary America’s culinary discourse. A local artist of Denton, Texas, Tesa Morin combines multiple media and recycle materials to create a body of ethical foodscapes. She speaks out from the women’s perspective, and caringly speaks to many contested social and political issues on food provisioning and environment. Presented also in this first show are two animation videos by artist Mikio Saito, who lives and works in Sappora, Japan. The bright colorful images of his child-like drawings are configurated into an organic moving sequence of visuosensory experiences. His fun-loving, imaginative, and humorous approach to food universally delights us with a sense of interconnectivity.

The second show, Political Economy On The Table, opens on May 9. It features the works by 8 international artists: Jessica Fuquay, Stephan Groβ, Adam Jahnke, Jane Lawson, Trevor Mahovsky, Kathleen Reichelt, Jorge Mañes Rubio, and Rhonda Weppler. These artists explore the ineluctable reality that food is grown and produced within the globalizing economy, while the way we consume food can hardly slip through the invisible hand of neoliberal capitalism.

What’s Cooking Under The Microscope? opens on June 6, 2014. The exhibition features the works by Rafael Garrdo, Sanglim Han, Raymonde Jodoin, Marin Leus, Terauchi Mari, Ngoc Minh Thi Nguyen, together with a collaborative installation piece by Raewyn Turner and Brian Harris. The scientific and technological aspect of food is methodically explored, questioned, challenged and presented by these 8 international artists who has brought together different perspectives through the lens of art.

Culturally Brewed Representation and Identity is the fourth and final exhibition in the series. It runs from July 24 to August 23, 2014, bringing together 7 international artists to explore issues and concepts of cultural identity and representation in relation to food. Diaspora, gender, domesticity, racial signification, and international division of labor in the globalized capitalist economy are some of the subject matters that this exhibition seeks to bring forward for a meaningful discussion. The show features the works by Lindsey Allgood, Jessica Fuguery. Thomas Nondh Jansen, Wan Mai Linh Ly, Riitta Oittinen, Jorge Manes Rubio, and Molly Youngblood.

Artists: Lindsey Allgood | Sapira Cheuk | Jessica Fuquay | Rafael Garrdo | Stephen Groβ | Sanglim Han | Adam Jahnke | Thomas Nondh Jansen | Raymonde Jodoin | Jane Lawson | Marin Leus | Wan Mai Linh Ly | Trevor Mahovsky | Terauchi Mari | Tesa Morin | Ngoc Nguyen | Riitta Oittinen | Kathleen Reichelt | Daniel Rothman | Jorge Manes Rubio | Mikio Saito | Raewyn Turner | Rhonda Weppier | Molly Yongblood | Curator: Araya Vivorakij