Artist Chris Wright’s paper, Anywhere is Everywhere – Tales of a Virtual Traveller, is presented at the conference Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2015) held in London, UK, 7 – 9 July 2015. In the paper, Chris discusses the notions of the flâneur vis-à-vis the virtual traveller, drawing on the ideas shown in her previous solo exhibition held at tAd.

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Anywhere is Everywhere is A Circular Tale presents the 1,026 mile, 21 hour and 57 minute journey to all 11 places in England called Denton. The trip is negotiated by internet-based maps which provides the 301 steps of detailed instructions. Postcards, photographs and other ephemera from the journey are presented to form a comprehensive retelling of the tale. However, the places have only been visited virtually, the sights are seen through others’ eyes, the descriptions are second-hand and the impressions gained only through what is seen on the artist’s computer screen at home.

New work by UK-based artist
Chris Wright
September 12 to October 10, 2014

Circular Tale

With her Ph.D background in Fine Art and Philosophy, Dr. Chris Wright approaches art from a conceptual perspective. Her work constantly evokes questions, questions that do not necessarily generate definitive answers. Her new body of work  Anywhere is Everywhere is A Circular Tale tells a fictional journey that travels to 11 communities called Denton in England and culminates in its final destination Denton, Texas. The work is a narrative that comprises moments, places, time, and space. This fictive, premeditated, and highly mediated aspect of the work inevitably elicits and generates questions. Two critical ones that come to mind are “What actually constitutes borders, be it geographical, national, or cultural?” and “To what extent is our sense of boundary and community actively imagined, while momently constructed through language, images, printed matters, Internet, and mass media?

Curated by
Araya Vivorakij

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Exhibition article written by
Chris Wright  
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