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adaptive reuse webpage

February 20 – April 3, 2015


In this exhibition, the curator Tesa Morin combines and juxtaposes the works of three local artists, Chris Demiglio, eMott, and Paul Greco. “Found images live again as these collage artists combine them in a variety of compositions, from peaceful coexistence to clashing chaos. Each element adapts to its new surroundings according to the artist’s will. Old, forgotten objects and drawings find fresh purpose in new works of art,” Tesa describes the underlying concept which she puts into practice.

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Chris Demiglio’s series of collages is inspired by, and created for, the album Welcome to Hard Times by the Denton based band, The Demigs. The images within each collage are handpicked directly from the lyrical and thematic content of the album. Interwoven with hidden objects, recurring icons and repeating numbers this work, when combined with the album, is designed to engage sight, sound and thought. Backgrounds painted by Annie Ramage.


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eMott’s collage work is informed by and formed from found photographs, objects, and bits of ephemera gathered mostly from garage and estate sales and thrift stores. She is interested in what people hold on to, let go of, and leave behind. eMott is inspired by the legacy- both intentional and unintentional- that is other people‚Äôs stuff. She likes to think of her creating with these materials to be a collaboration with their previous owners.


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Paul Greco has been doing art now for about 16 years. He began his art career as a painter and printmaker creating abstract images of his past experiences as a firefighter/paramedic. Currently, Paul develops large scaled and complex 3-D arrangements all cut out from vintage children’s books. By using child-like images, he challenges today’s world issues through a child’s interpretation.



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