Joani Tremblay
hidden places
February 18 – March 8, 2016



Spaces intermingle with landscapes; they are entangled in Joani Tremblay’s rhythmic and melodic images constituted of drawing, print media and embroidery on large format paper.

“… spaces are created with accumulation of drawing of data found in the different elements of landscape such as pattern of moss, foliage, concrete, burned wood and minerals.”

The exhibition itself is a created space, a work of installation where the viewer is surrounded within a site where t A d becomes the hidden space.

“I create places where one could possibly lose oneself in an abstract place, a non-existing location, an empty scene that needs to be fulfilled with one’s states of mind and where one can lose one’s self in the details.”

The artist embodies Guy Debord’s idea of Psychogeography, the idea that a geographical environment, like invisible or created spaces, acts on the emotions and behavior of individuals.

My art practice is based on the notion of space and of landscape and how our surroundings affect our emotions and behavior. More precisely, in questioning how a site, a specific landscape, affects an individual, I have been interested in the force of places.

“The force of places” evokes Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of affect and percept — the invisible, autonomous forces that can only be sensed and felt. From such a curatorial viewpoint, hidden spaces becomes a continuation of its preceding exhibition, The Yawning Room, and where affect comes into play again.

WhileIWasMourningHim_Detail copy


Joani Tremblay lives and works in Montreal, Canada.


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