She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Marianne MarpLondon



March 3 – May 6, 2017


t A d proudly presents this exhibition as part of Outskirts: Bodies, Places, and Identities, a project that aims at bringing together women artists from diverse background to explore the politics of gender, identity and culture.

The exhibition showcases the exceptional work by comtemporary visual artist Marianne MarpLondon, who lives and works in London, UK. Her work has recently been shown at Tate Modern.

Featured here at t A d are ten large-format photographic prints, collectively belong to MarpLondon’s series of work entitled She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah. Vibrant and evocative, the images embody a visual language that collects, assembles and arranges a wide range of cultural symbolisms, motifs, and signifiers — of the familiar and the unfamiliar, the ‘universal’ and the ‘ethnic’, the local and the international — to create new ways of seeing and understanding. In particular, as the artist describes, “She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah explores modern woman through the lens of the bridal veil; of how love, weddings and brides are portrayed and viewed in different cultures. It also explores what is understood as the feminine (uncontrolled emotions, irrationality, effeminacy and enslavement), and how this affects our collective understanding of love: how to love and how to be loved, how to desire and how to be desired, who and what to desire.”

What is unveiled here is the fact that love as we know it is not simply a happening between two people; it is also a cultural construction that involves bodies, genders, identities, as well as places and economies.