Chelsea Coon | Jill Gibson | Tae Kyung Seo

May 26 – August 5, 2017


Emic refers to an anthropological approach that looks at a culture from within — from the internal perspective of the subject as opposed to the external viewpoint of the observer. By appropriating the term Emic as its title, this exhibition seeks to uncover the notable approaches and processes engaged by the three uniquely original artists in their works. The two video pieces by Chelsea Coon and Tae Kyung Seo capture their respective live performances where the artists act as both the mediums and the subjects, letting their own bodies and minds intimately experience and respond to certain (constructed) contexts and rituals. Although artist Jill Gibson has employed a very different form of medium, her sculptural making process is one that stays true to the nature of the material itself, letting the material morph into its own shape and size within a given structure.




This installation by Los Angeles-based artist Chelsea Coon captures day six, hour six of her 36 hour live performance in Sydney, Australia. In the performance, Coon walked in circuits around the space, and at the end of the hour, on the hour, left a small mark of her blood on the walls. The title 9:50:45 refers to the universal time of the recording of the two black holes merging in space, an event that occurred in March 2015.

This is the 3-dimensional sculpture by artist Jill Gibson, who works and lives in Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear, UK. This particular piece is selected from her series entitled Emic. All the sculptures in the series are uniquely different, yet each one takes on its own biomorphic shape and organic body under the same process and within a uniform structure. As such, the artist describes, “the work alludes to an ‘emic’ consideration of the study and meaning of the collective and that of the individual within a specific context.”


Fake Organ Show
This show is performed by Seoul artist Tae Kyung Seo, who has recently completed her exhibition tour in New Zealand. In this video show, the artist digs inside her own body and gruesomely excavates her internal (fake) organs, as if delving into her inner being, exposing it, and hollowing herself out. Seo’s performance seems anything but modest and meditative. Yet who has ever said that the experience of going inward or getting to know one’s inner self is always pleasant?

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t A d proudly presents this exhibition as part of Outskirts: Bodies, Places, and Identities — an initiative that brings together the works by women artists from different parts of the world.